Looking and feeling great seems to be everyone’s New Year’s Resolution, and now Savannah Chrisley is getting some help! See why and how she just teamed up with South Beach Diet.

Savannah Chrisley, 21, lives life in the public eye and it can be hard when you don’t feel “perfect” and there are so many haters out there! “For a long time, I compared myself to so many other people because I felt like I just didn’t measure up…I wasn’t good enough,” Savannah says. “I kept hearing ‘you’re too big’ or ‘you’re too skinny.’ I have realized that if I am happy and I love ME then no one else’s opinion matters. Loving yourself is the key to being fit in my opinion.”

She announced she is the new face of South Beach in an Instagram post on Jan. 16. She joins fellow ambassador Jessie James Decker, who looks stunning after having three kids! “I feel like I’ve tried so many different programs but they’ve all been too difficult to follow through with — too many rules, too much prep, etc,” Savannah said in a press release. “I have such a busy schedule and South Beach has made it so much easier to eat healthy! Their shakes, snacks and meals are DELICIOUS, and they’re GREAT when you’re on the go!”

“I believe that being healthy starts from the inside. Eating right helps my moods tremendously! If I’m feeding my body great food, then my moods and life will thrive. I want to be healthy for my family and my future children,” Savannah added. “My weight fluctuates and that’s just called being a woman and loving food! But South Beach has made it so easy because it allows for me to still love food, lose a couple pounds, and look and feel great!”

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